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Irish Beer


0.3l, Pint, Pitcher (1.5l)


0.3l, Pint, Pitcher (1.5l)

Stowford Cider

0.3l, Pint, Pitcher (1.5l)

Flavoured Stowford Cider (0.3l, Pint, Pitcher (1.5l)

Erdbeere, Blue Curacao, Toffee, Johannisbeere, Maracuja Nektar

Strawberry, Blue Curacao, Toffee, Blackcurrant, Passion Fruit Juice

Guinness Black

Guinness & Johannissbeersirup/ Guinness & blackcurrant syrup

0.3l, Pint, Pitcher (1.5l)

Black & Tan

Guinness & Kilkenny

0.3l, Pint, Pitcher (1.5l)

Black Velvet

Guinness & Cider

0.3l, Pint, Pitcher (1.5l)

Snake Bite

Cider & Helles/ Cider & Lager

0.3l, Pint, Pitcher (1.5l)

Black Adder

Cider, Helles & Johannisbeersirup/ Cider, lager & blackcurrant syrup

0.3l, Pint, Pitcher (1.5l)

German Beer

Riegele Feines Urhell


Commerzienrat Riegele

Lager with more malts and hops

Lauterbacher Hefe Weisse

Wheat beer

Augsburger Herren Pils

Original Augsburg Pilsener

Riegele Aechtes Dunkel

Riegele Original Dark Beer

Riegele Kellerbier

Unfiltered, strangle flavoured lager


Lager and lemonade

Dunkles Radler

Dark beer and lemonade


Wheat beer and lemonade


Wheat beer and coke


Wheat beer and banana juice

Riegele Alkoholfreies Weizen

Alcohol free wheat beer (glass)

Riegele Alkoholfreies Helles

Alcohol free lager


Tequila flavoured lager

Riegele Dunkles Weizen

Dark wheat beer (glass)

Riegele Leichtes Weizen

Light wheat beer (glass)

Riegele Hefeweizen

Wheat beer (bottled)

San Miguel

Spanish Lager (bottled)

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